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Book four

Quest in the Caribbean

The final book in the Quest series is ‘Quest in the Caribbean’. Wendy and I have become full time sailors. The sea has been kind to us. It has been our home, a very strict master and unforgiving teacher. We slowly learned our lessons of seamanship one day at a time. But more importantly we learned a great deal about each other and what it takes to be good companions on a tiny boat. ‘Quest for the Caribbean’ begins on a beautiful day in the British Virgin Islands. When we pass through the dangerous, narrow, reef-strewn passage in Virgin Gorda and enter the Caribbean we are one boat length closer to fulfilling our dream. There are many more islands to explore and miles to sail before the journey is complete. Some of the wonders that await our eager eyes are Saba, the fabled ‘island in the clouds’ and the neighboring island of Statia. The serenely beautiful island of Nevis, Montserrat’s volcanoes, the gentle people of Dominica, Saint Lucia and the Grenadines all enrich our lives. ‘Quest for the Caribbean’ ends on the south shore of Grenada as we are about to fulfill a destiny that was many hard years in the making.

published by budda bees, usa (not an LLC)

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