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The Quest Series

My wife and I are very fortunate to have followed a path in life that brings us closer to our dreams and to each other. It’s nice work when you can get it. From the day we met, our lives have been filled with extraordinary experiences. Somewhere in a lifetime of memorable adventures we purchased a classic sailboat. Little did we guess the implications of preparing Quest and her crew for a life on the ocean. Learning our lessons along the way, Wendy and I were slowly transformed into sailors. From launching Quest in north Florida to a Category 5 hurricane in Grenada, we discover that the art of living on a sailboat is much more than rum-infused beach parties. It was hard work to have fun. But when all the chores are done and the storms have passed, Wendy and I consider ourselves fortunate to have fulfilled our dreams. Everyone can learn to be the master of their destiny. If time does not permit you to sail the ocean blue, I offer you this four book series on how two friends found happiness in their personal quest for paradise. The Quest Series is a true modern sailing story. Come along, let’s take an extraordinary journey together.

Quest and Crew
Quest on the Thorny Path
Quest for the Virgins
Quest in the Caribbean

published by budda bees, usa (not an LLC)

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